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Self Help Groups with Savings and Loan Association

The programme has Facilitator's Guide, Participant's Workbook and Slides for projection, if a projector is available

This is our main programme based on the growing success in many countries of ‘self help’ savings and loan associations.

Our hope is that the information and guidance provided will encourage and enable many participants of Workstart Group to save together and to develop plans to start or grow their own income generating activity, either as a group or as individuals.

Studying and working together builds positive relationships and there will be great value in the group continuing to meet regularly both to manage their savings and to network, sharing news

The content of Workstart is in five sections:

Section 1.  Launch a Workstart Group – starting and personal assessments

Section 2.  Manage a Group – setting up a savings and loan group

Section 3.  Know How basics - including access to literacy and numeracy

Section 4.  Business Basics – plan and start an income generating activity 

Section 5.  Success Basics - how to grow a successful trading business

Worl Start

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