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Trading Opportunities

We have brought together over 200 selected small  trading opportunities for selling goods or services. Most can be started with very little money and some for no money at all.

These subsistence level trading opportunites have been grouped into four folders: 


Trading Opportunity Profiles

Based on details of actual or researched trading enterprises

Pictorial Opportunity Lists

Selected opportunities with pictures, mainly in food supply or public health sectors

Additional  Opportunity Lists

Identified opportunities grouped into those producing goods for sale and those providing local community services

Opportunities Needing No Money To Start

These subsistence income generating activities can probably be started with no money!

Microfinance Institutions (Loan Funders)

Small loans to help start up or growth of Trading activities may be available from a Microfinance Institution in your region

We have prepared a list of some MFI's in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi,Manipur (India) and Pakistan  

Finding Information on the internet:

When you have an idea of what you would like to start you can find much more information by searching at an internet café, or on a computer smart phone or tablet with internet access  

Go to Google 'images' - type in the name of the trade that interests you to see many pictures 

Youtube (Short videos you can watch)  enter your trade name and see many videos of the trade you are interested in


Practical Action - www.practical - a big resource for practical information and free downloads on many income generating and technical development topics. You can subsacribe to their newsletter 


Can we help you?

If you have questions on any of these trading opportunities that you cannot find help with, do please ask us for more information – we have a library of over 1,000 books on all aspects of development and income generation! (Contact: )