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These  resources have been carefully selected as possibly helpful to small business owners or those wanting to help those interested to start or grow an income generating activity



Free downloadable health books including 'Where there is no Doctor' and 'Where there is no Dentist.'

Agriculture and Farming

How to Design a Small Farm. Design and Plan Your Small Farm and Homestead

Teaching Aids at Low Cost (TALC)

A unique charity whose main objective is to promote the health of children and advance medical knowledge and teaching by providing and developing educational material.

Encouraging Personal Hygiene and Sanitation (Tearf

This Guide helps communities to consider improving their lifestyle to reduce disease and infection. Promoting effective and low-cost sanitation, encouraging good hygiene and improving access to clean water supplies helps people to live healthier lives.

Academic Earth

Free advanced educational lectures online

Small Farm Resources

A range of publications and ideas for small farmholders

Tearfund - Pillars

The guides are designed for use in small community groups such as youth groups, church groups, women�s groups, farmer groups and literacy groups. A trained leader is not required, just one literate person. The guides aim to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of group members by drawing out and building on existing knowledge and experience, and empowering members to take charge of their own development.

Sussex to Africa

A collaborative network of people and organisations designed to link Sussex to all things African at home and abroad.

Christian Enterprise Video

You may find this 6 minute video by Wayne Myers of New Venture Lab helpful. It advises on many aspects of starting a Christian business.

Entrepreneurs and Global Recession

A short PDF article on what it means to be a successful entrepreneur.

Free Comprehensive Management Library

A tool kit for managers of businesses.

Growing Business

Advice from the some of the most successful entrepreneurs.

Business related quotations

Quotes from a range of world leaders

Ethical Trade Initiative

Alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations working in partnership to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable workers who make or grow consumer goods

Environmentally Friendly Advisory Papers

Wide range of environmentally friendly advisory papers free downloads

Central European Initiative

An EU funded organisation providing helpful insight and potential funding for all Central European countries.

Examples of Micro franchises

Low cost franchise opportunities are great for those looking to start a business on a shoestring budget. This list of options may be helpful.

Institute for Appropriate Technology

A wide range of environmentally friendly advisory papers

Business Start Up Fact Sheets

‘Cobweb’ is an independent researcher, observer, commentator and publisher of information describing the risks, rewards, opportunities, dangers and facts involved in business start up, micro-enterprise and entrepreneurship

‘Scavenger’ resources are a part of ‘Cobweb’ and have details of 600 small business opportunities, available for a small fee:

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