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A new Guide to the many options for raising grant or loan funding to help start or grow trading activities has been added to our website in the Facilitators Guide Section.

This include a constitution for forming a community Savings and Loan Association which can help both emergency needs and provide loans for members trading activities

We hope this will be a helpful addition to our resources.

Comments or suggestions to correct or improve this Funding Guide will be welcome 

Message posted on Monday 18th December 2017

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Interesting Developments

Youth STEPS Programme

A number of our training programmes have been combined to provide a special programme for young people providing personal aptituded appraisal, a guide to finding work or work experience and also a STEPS programme provding insigts into starting a basic income generating activity.  This has been successfully tested in India and Bangladesh

Message posted on Tuesday 14th February 2017

New Cooperative Guide Added

We are pleased to add a guide to starting a group cooperative.  This is based on a variety of sources and we hope it will be helpful for anyone interested to start this type of registered trading group  

Message posted on Tuesday 14th February 2017

New - Audio Training

We are pleased to add 6 x 10 minute audio 'podcasts' to our training programmes, which we hope will help, especially where there is a high level of weak literacy. We are planning a radio trial of these programmes in Pakistan to reach out to more people 

Message posted on Friday 10th April 2015

Summer 2015 Newsletter added

Updating our progress, with features on clean water, entreneurship and encouragment

Message posted on Monday 6th April 2015

Audio Podcast Training

We are soon to add six x 10 minute recorded training programmes, we hope you will find helpful

1  Income generating options

2. Starting your own business Taking STEPS introduction

                                           See        - what others are doing

                                           Think     - about what you could do well

                                           Enquire  - if people buy from you

                                           Plan       - set out what you will do

                                           Start      - your exciting journey


3. Working with others

4. Planning and funding (SLA’s)

5. Growing your income

6. Management and integrity

We will apprceiate any comments or suggestions

Message posted on Monday 6th April 2015

Message posted on Monday 6th April 2015

Autumn Newsletter 2014

Message posted on Wednesday 5th November 2014

Aid for Trade on Facebook

Aid for Trade is now on Facebook. Please click on this link to get all our latest news and updates and add your own comments.


Message added 9.10.2014


Message posted on Wednesday 11th December 2013

Internet Reach Increasing into Developing Countries

The Internet has expanded globally by nearly 380% since 2000 and it is reported that 25% of the world's population now has Internet access.
More information

Message posted on Wednesday 16th January 2013

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